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How to Find Books and ebooks
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Finding Articles in Periodicals
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How to Find and Use Ebooks
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How to Find Books & ebooks: Advanced Search Tips
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Formattng Theology Papers

Theology Paper Formatting Tutorial

Step by Step instructions.


First, make sure your formatting button is on so you can see all your formatting.

Next, right click on the band on the bottom to toggle on Line number and page position so that the two circled details appear when you click on the body text. This will tell you where the cursor is on the page so you can set your first line to 2".

Insert a section break after the last line of the title page.

To insert page numbers on the first page of the paper, follow these instructions.

1. Click on the bottom footer of the document. At the top, you should see some menu for the footer. Toggle on the "Different First Page" and toggle off the "Link To Previous." Then add you bottom, centered page number. If the number is not 1 (which often it is not), go back to insert Page Numbers and click "Format Page Numbers" from the menu. Then select "Start At Page 1"

2. Next do the same for the Header on page two. Toggle on "Different First Page" and toggle off "Link to Previous". then insert page numbers on top right.

If you toggled the settings, you should now have page number on the bottom of page one and top of page two.