What are LIBBIs?

LIBBIs, or Library student workshops, are designed to help you master information skills that will enable you to become a successful student and independent learner who also develops lifelong information literacy skills--the ability to define, retrieve, evaluate and use information ethically and legally. LIBBIs cover research essentials using ORU Library resources and are intended to support your research efforts.

Most LIBBIs last 50 minutes, but may extend to longer times if requested by professors. LIBBI-102COMP and LIBBI-303COMP, which are required Composition LIBBIs, are scheduled by the COMP professor during a regular class time. Other LIBBIs open to all students require student sign up.

For a list of LIBBIs, including dates and times, see the LIBBI schedule calendars.

Faculty members may request a LIBBI by contacting Myra Bloom, 918.495.7174 or their College/Department Library Liaison.

Library Instruction provides proficiency workshops, course and subject related workshops, and workshops covering various topics, resources and skills. Faculty are always welcome to attend LIBBI sessions, but are not required to do so, even when a LIBBI is for their class or assignment.

Who can attend a LIBBI?

Some LIBBIs are optional and open to all students, such as 3D Printing, Zotero and sr. paper research labs; others are restricted and/or a course requirement, such as the COMP 102 and 303 LIBBIs, which are required for and restricted to Composition students.

Note: LIBBIs scheduled during the regular class time, including COMP LIBBIs, do NOT require student sign up.

Important Notes

  • You will need your ORU network login (your email address minus @oru.edu and password) to participate. Please make sure it works prior to attending the LIBBI session. For help, contact the IT Concierge Desk at studenthelpdesk@oru.edu, call 918.495.6321, or go to the it.oru.edu website.
  • Students participating in Zoom LIBBIs will be required to turn on their webcams to get credit for attending. Webcams are available for student check out at the Library Services Desk. (Check webcam availability.)

Questions? Inquire at the Library Services Desk, contact Ask-A-Librarian (918.495.6887), or Myra Bloom (918.495.7174).


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