The teaching librarian is responsible to check that the LIL is opened and to lock it after the session(s). Please try to open the LIL approximately 15-30 minutes before the session starts, as is convenient with your schedule. Put out the roster. For a Zoom LIBBI, log in on time and allow students to join.

Please leave the instructor's computer on during the week, as advised by IT. When the instructor's computer is off and needs to be turned on, it may take up to 15-20 minutes for all the software programs to load. The computer can be used while programs are loading, but it will be slow.

Note: As a courtesy to the next teaching librarian, please straighten the room and the chairs or ask at the Library Services Desk to have a student straighten and clean the room. Let's keep the room clean and looking good.

On Zoom

The teaching librarian is responsible to contact the professor with the Zoom link they will use or log in with the professors Zoom link.

"Certificate of Completion"

Students must complete the Certificate of Completion at the end of the LIBBI, before they leave. Students must download the PDF to upload to their course D2L course.


For LIBBIs that have a student sign up in Vision, the sign up closes 30 minutes before the session begins.

LI Semester Statistics

All LIBBI sessions and other library instruction (LI) are included in LI semester statistics.

  • If the LIBBI is in Argos, your teaching session is automatically added to the Library Instruction (LI) semester statistics.
  • If a presentation or classroom instruction is provided and the LIBBI Teaching forms are used, data is added manually at the end of the semester to other LIBBI statistics.

Teaching Librarians

Check the LIBBI Schedule/ LIL Calendar. The teaching librarian's name shows as the "Presenter" on the LIBBI Schedule/LIL Calendar.

Print the LIBBI roster and bring it to the LIBBI session. Put the roster in the LIL or on the podium by the LIL and remind all student to initial the roster.

Open the LIL approximately 15-30 minutes before the session starts or make sure the professor know the Zoom link if you are doing a Zoom LIBBI session.

Teach the LIBBI. The LIBBI "Presenter" (Teaching Librarian) is responsible to teach the LIBBI and record and turn in student attendance. For COMP LIBBIs, cover outlined items and those pertaining to the Exit Exercise questions.

After the session:
Give the initialed roster to Myra. (Slide it under her office door or put it in her mailbox.) Student attendance will be marked in Vision according to the initialed roster so Composition professors will have attendance for grading.

During the semester, faculty frequently inquire about attendance/completion for the COMP LIBBIs, which is marked and available in Argos. If a student attended but did not initial the roster, in order to update the attendance records, the teaching librarian may print another roster and make arrangements for the student to meet and initial the roster. The LIBBI attendance will be updated when the initialed roster is turned in to Myra. If you have questions, please contact Myra.