LIBBIs for Nursing Students

A variety of LIBBIs, or library workshops, have been designed to compliment different levels of research needed for nursing students to succeed with assignments and develop illifelong learning skills. Workshop attendees will complete nursing research with ease and efficiency, sample ORU nursing databases, and learn basic and advanced skills and tools for nursing research.

LIBBI-203NUR, Intro. to Gerontological Nursing

Nursing students are introduced to subject and discipline related resource links, search strategies, and research tips to support course assignments and student research success. The Library Instruction focuses on evidence-based practice and/or gerontological nursing.

LIBBI-409NUR, Community Health Nursing

This Library Instruction workshop for senior nursing students covers secondary data analysis and assessment of relevant library and government and association or organization Web resources. Secondary data includes demographics, socioeconomic and environmental factors, health, sociocultural factors or characteristics, and religious or spiritual traditions or beliefs.

Research Guide:

LIBBI-498NUR, Senior Nursing Research

This library seminar offers students a review of nursing databases and covers unique features, nursing dissertations, controlled vocabularies, MESH, advanced search expressions, and more. Special use of the ORU interlibrary loan services is covered. The Library Instruction provides a hands-on platform for questions and answers specific to student research topics.

Note: Upon completion of this sr. paper LIBBI, the Library will waive the $2.00 per Interlibrary Loan (ILL) item request fee. Student names will be sent to the Interlibrary Loan department and added to a Sr. Paper ILL Fee Waiver list.

LIBBI-601GDNP, Graduate Orientation

This online Zoom meeting introduces Doctor of Nursing Practice students to library resources and services. Students learn how to access resources from off campus, are guided in selection of and searching on nursing databases, and shown a variety of library help tools.

LIBBI-715GDNP, Evidence-Based Practice

A review and follow-up to the graduate library orientation (LIBBI-601GDNP) for Doctor of Nursing Practice students.