About COMP303 LIBBIs

Composition 303 students will attend one LIBBI-303COMP session, which is scheduled by their professor during a regular class time. During the LIBBI-303COMP, students will explore research topics within their discipline and discover a variety of discipline and subject related resources, skills and tools!

There is nothing to do in preparation for the LIBBI. If, however, you are not familiar with library resources and services or have not attended a Library Instruction (LIBBI) workshop, such as LIBBI-102COMP, it may be helpful to stop by the Library Services Desk to meet with a librarian for a brief introduction to the ORU Library.

You will need your network login (SSO). If your login does not work, contact the IT Concierge Desk at 918.495.6321, studenthelpdesk@oru.edu, or it.oru.edu.

See: opens new windowComposition 303, Course Research Guide.
LIBBI attendance is required. As noted in the opens new windowcourse syllabus, "Failure to complete LIBBI results in a 5% deduction to the semester grade."

LIBBI-303COMP, Objectives

"Subject and Discipline Related Research"

Required for all Composition 303 and Honors 303 students.

After the LIBBI you should be able to:

  • Identify subject-specific tools in a variety of medium.
  • Use controlled vocabulary in search expression.
  • Identify keywords and subject terms for ethical and world view resources.
  • Evaluate search results for relevancy, accuracy and authority.
  • Use the EBSCO folder.
  • Use database citation tools.
  • Explore sources of new educational technologies.

Four short Exit Exercise quizzes in D2L are competed at the end of the session. Scores are moved into student WPAs as part of the Information Literacy rubric. LIBBI quiz scores do not affect Composition 303 grades.

At the end of the LIBBI session students also complete and submit a Feedback Survey and the "Certificate of Completion" form to get a PDF to upload to their Composition 303 course D2L Dropbox.

See you in the LIL!