“The Hebrew word Talmud means study or learning. The Babylonian Talmud is a collection of study teachings based upon the Hebrew Bible and oral commentaries of Jewish learning. The six major divisions of the Talmud are derived from the Mishnah or oral Torah. The Gemara section of the Talmud explains the Mishnah. The Talmud incorporates teachings from the Jewish sages who lived from the second Temple period until the time of the Amoraim in the fifth century. Most of the Rabbis cited in the Talmud lived from 20 B. C.to 450 A.D.”  -- Dr. Brad Young

The Babylonian Talmud in the Reference Collection

Babylonian-TalmudThe six divisions of the Talmud are identified in the call number by a "Section" number. For example, in the call number for the First Division, Seder Zera’im, is identified as "Sec. 1". Use the Tractate Chart by Division or Alphabetical Tractate Index tabs above for a defined listing of the tractates (books), including the division, abbreviation, and subject matter.

  • Seder Zera’im - First Division (look for "Sec. 1" in the call number)
  • Seder Mo’ed - Second Division (look for "Sec. 2" in the call number)
  • Seder Nashim - Third Division (look for "Sec. 3" in the call number)
  • Seder Nezikin - Fourth Division (look for "Sec. 4" in the call number)
  • Seder Kodashim - Fifth Division (look for "Sec. 5" in the call number)
  • Seder Tohoroth - Sixth Division (look for "Sec. 6" in the call number)

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