Immersive technologies change or expand the physical world creating a new world for immersion experiences.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) creates a digital addition, or layer, to your reality.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) is a full immersion into another world or reality, shutting out the physical world.
  • 360 videos record a view in every direction at the same time. When watching the video, you control the view and movement direction, or perspective.
  • 3D VR videos, similar to 3D movies, have depth of field and require 3D goggles or glasses and a cellphone. The 3D immersive experience is from the view of the video creator.

Inquire at the Library Services Desk for help utilizing immersive learning technologies.

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Course Integration

To inquire about integrating AR/VR learning technologies into your D2L course pages, LIBBI, library guide, or assignments, contact Myra Bloom, AR/VR Library Liaison, at 918-495-7174.

If you have VR programs you would like the library to review for purchase, please contact Professor Bloom.