Innovation Station VRHTC Vive VR

HTC Vive is a PC-VR system with VR headset, Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, sensors, and Vive controllers.

The library provides three Vive VR stations:

To use VR, just check out the hand controllers at the Library Service Desk.

NOTE: Beat Saber on Steam is available on VR Stations #1 and #2 in the Innovation Station.

Oculus Quest

oculus questOculus Quest (1 available) is an  all-in-one wireless VR system with built-in sensors and Touch controllers for digital gaming and entertainment experiences.

No PC. No wires. Play VR standing or sitting anywhere in the library.

Oculus Quest requires your Facebook account to log in.

To use: Go to the Library Services Desk to check out the Quest for four (4) hour use in the Library. A library step-by-step "How To" guide and Oculus Reference guide are included in the handy Oculus carrying case. Check availability

Pick up a one-time use opens new windowVR headset eye mask cover from the Library Service Desk. For Steam update login help, inquire at the Library Services Desk.

VR Eye MaskVR Single-Use Eye Mask Cover for VR Headset

This may seem like unusual "equipment," but these HomeYo soft and thick single use facial masks hug your face and keep the VR eye band hygienically clean.

Pick one up at the Library Services Desk when you chheck out the VR controllers. When you finish VR, toss the eye mask.