Presentation StudioThe Presentation Studio is a green screen room located in J.D. McKean Library, Room 108.

Green Screen Recording
This space is equipped with an easy-to-use state-of-the-art automated audio/video recording system designed for students and faculty to explore multimedia creation options including: creating ;lessons, professional recordings, practice presentations, dramatic scenes, or filming interviews using a green screen. The room includes remote camera management with a user-friendly interface and an omnidirectional lighting setup (for an even cast) to avoid shadows.

Ring Light with Smartphone Stand
Use the smartphone stand to take selfies, group photos, or videos with a green screen background. Two different microphones and a wireless remote shutter, which allows users to take selfies or group photos easily from a distance up to 30 feet, are available. Users must check out the microphone and remote shutter from the Library Service desk.

The room is available for walk-up use or it may be reserved, as noted below.

  • Faculty and any number of students may reserve the room for green screen recording or to use the selfie stand to record.
  • During midterms and finals only, the room may be used as a Group Study room. A group of 5-8 students is required to book the room for group study.  Priority is given to recording use over group study use.

To use the room, whether by reservation or walk-up, check in at the Library Service desk. The librarian at the Service desk will unlock the room for you and help you get started. 

For assistance, use instruction, or an overview of the Presentation Studio features, contact Professors Myra Bloom or Dan Eller

No food is allowed in the room.
Students will be responsible for the room during its booking, and for the equipment during its checkout.

Go to the Booking Page.

Student Skills

Software Skills -- Production Skills -- Creativity -- Communication Skills

Students using green screen technology can develop software skills and production skills by managing the recording equipment, lighting and picture framing.

  • The Presentation Studio gives student an opportunity to demonstrate creativity and communication skills.
  • Students can design and record presentations, interviews, scripts, or assignments then evaluate their recording or upload it to a course Dropbox as part of an assignment.