ORU Library Tutorials

ORU Library tutorials are self-paced interactive learning tools. The tutorials are slides with embedded content, including videos, exercises, images, web pages, and more. They are available to all students. If you are required to complete a tutorial, an option is provided for you to get a "Certificate of Completion" to upload to you course D2L drop box. 

  • APA Style Reference Citations with business citation examples 
  • LIBBI-102COMP Part 1
    Contents: Module #1 is an introduction to the LIBBIs and to the Library Website; Module #2 covers books and ebooks; Module #3 includes reference databases and starting your research.
  • LIBBI-203NUR Tutorial 1 - Getting Started with Nursing Research (Spring 2023)
    Contents: Nursing Databases - Access and Selection; Key Terms; Boolean Operators; Search Expressions; CINAHL Complete Database; MEDLINE with Full Text Database; APA Citations; a "Certificate of Completion," if needed.
  • LIBBI-203NUR Tutorial 2 - CINAHL and MEDLINE (Spring 2023)

    Contents: Access and select nursing databases; Create search expressions with Boolean operators; Evaluate and refine search results; Use the EBSCO citation tool for APA citations.

Faculty Insights

  • Dr. Angela Watson (Behavioral Sciences) [7:30 mins.]
    Dr. Watson, associate professor in the ORU Behavioral Sciences Department, encourages students to use library resources for their coursework.
  • Dr. William Ranahan (Biology and Chemistry) [8:45 mins.]
    Dr. Ranahan, cancer researcher and chair of the ORU Biology and Chemistry Department, shares his advice to students about research in the library.

Selected Database and Vendor Tutorials

For more database tutorials see Minute and Tutorial Videos: Database Tutorials or use the "more" link on the Database List.

Credo Reference

CQ Researcher


Gale Ebooks


zSpace (Augmented Reality)