Senior Paper LIBBIs

Learn how to optimize research and information in your subject area. Consider research from a global perspective using both ORU databases and reliable, authoritative Web resources. Senior paper LIBBIs are specific to a discipline and may cover any of the following, as appropriate for the subject and/or course:

  • Find relevant statistics using databases and/or the Web.
  • Find primary sources, including research studies and reports.
  • Identify ways to find quality journals and search the contents.
  • Learn about Interlibrary Loan, a library resource sharing service; qualify for the ILL fee waiver.
  • Use citation tools to manage and create citations.
  • Find the full text for an article or book when you have a citation.

Note: Upon completion of a sr. paper LIBBI, the Library will waive the $2.00 per Interlibrary Loan (ILL) item request fee. After you attend a senior paper/prep LIBBI session your name will be sent to the Interlibrary Loan department and added to a sr. paper ILL Fee Waiver list.

For students who come to the library with their senior paper class:
If your professor brings your senior paper or senior paper prep class to a LIBBI session, Interlibrary Loan information will be covered during that session and, if you were in attendance, your name will be added to the ILL fee waiver list.