What is a Periodical? What is a Journal?

Periodical is the generic name for a "periodic" publication, such as newspaper, journal, or magazine published at a regular interval, which may be daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. Journals, magazines, trade publications, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals. The ORU Library has all types of periodicals. 

Several periodical titles are listed below as example. Click a title. Then, on the publication details page, click "Search within this publication" and key in terms to search all issues, or click a volume/issue and drill down to an issue you would like to browse.

A journal is a scholarly publication that contains scholarly articles (with bibliographies or references) written by experts concerning research in professional and academic fields. Peer reviewed journal articles are reviewed and validated by peers prior to publishing.

Journal of Evidence-Based Care 
Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine
Nursing Practice Today

Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing

A magazine is a periodical that contains articles of interest to the public or a select group of individuals. Magazines often have colorful covers, many pictures or illustrations, and often contain advertising. Usually there is no article bibliography or references.

Nursing Review

How to Find a Periodical Title?

The ORU library subscribes to more than 32,000 periodicals in a variety of publication media, with most titles available full text online. Online full text titles include links to the full text with options to browse a single issue or search all issues to find an article.

Some titles are available in multiple formats and/or multiple databases. For online full text, the database(s) with full text will be listed. When a title is available "in-house" in paper format, there will be a link to "Oral Roberts University Library Holdings." Follow the links to what you need.

Publication Finder [which the ORU Library calls Journal Finder+]
Overview Tutorial from EBSCO on Vimeo . [2:27 mins.]

See also: How to Find a Journal Article from a Citationvideo [1:42 mins.]