Cited References are the articles (or books) included in a Bibliography, References, Works Cited, or similar. Use the databases below to search an article title, then view publications where the article was referenced. Cited References tools help you identify important and significant related resources,. When you search Cited References, as the number of times cited may indicate its quality.

Web Cited References

opens new windowGoogle Scholar and opens new windowGoogle
Provides options to sort by date and include date limits.
Key in an article title using quotation marks. In the article record, click the Cited by link, if available.
To search an author, use advanced search. Or, key in the title of an author's work and click the author's name link in one of the result.

opens new windowCrossref
Provides number and lists of items that cite your entry; shows number of citations per year.
Key in an article title using quotation marks, an author's name, or other relevant search. Click the doi link. Click Citations.
Example: opens new window"John Korstad"

Databases with Cited References

Some EBSCO databases support Cited References  and have a link in the top toolbar of the database, Cited Refences allows users to search and browse references to connect to additional articles of interest in EBSCO databases. See: EBSCO: Browsing and Searching Cited References  (Note: A Cited References tab does not appear when searching multiple databases.)

opens new windowPLOS One
Provides a variety of metrics. Click Citations in the article record. On the next page choose one of the cited reference tools, such as SCOPUS, Crossref, Google Scholar, etc.

opens new windowScience Direct
Click Citing articles in the right menu of an article page.

opens new windowScientific Research (Open access; peer-reviewed journals)
Search your topic. In an article record click Citations to view a list of of items that have cited the article.