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To evaluate content of a journal or magazine title, 1) search the title, 2) access the journal/magazine record, and then 3) view the publication's description and to see if it is scholarly or peer reviewed.

Popular Culture - Journals

The Library has a variety of popular culture journals and magazines. opens new windowView the list. Select a title from the list, then browse an issue or search all issues for topic, artist, song or lyrics. Try a journal title search for "popular culture."

To find a writer or lyricist, try the writer's name and/or song lyrics as a search in the "text" field. Although, this may not provide lengthy articles specific to your person, the search may bring up some interesting articles.

Browse or search the sample journal titles listed below for articles on lyrics, worldview, your career, contemporary ethical issues and more. Use the "Search within this publication" link on the publication page to search all issues of the journal or drill down through the dates and volumes.

Try a Publications search in opens new windowAcademic Search Complete or inquire at the Library Service desk for librarian assistance.

Popular Culture - Magazines

Popular Culture - Books & Ebooks

Try a search using key words that describe your selected work. For example, opens new windowBob Dylan's Hurricane lyrics.

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