Sample Assignments and Research TIPS

The Articles, Subject Headings/ Thesauri, Citing Sources, EBSCO Folder, and Reference Resources pages (listed in the left menu) are helpful for Composition research assignments.

Listed below are Composition 303 sample assignments along with the helpful tips and LibGuide pages/tabs to use for your research.

The Value of Work - TIPS & Resources

Sample Assignment: The Value of Work

Use research to expose an ethical dilemma for a worker in your chosen profession, and to explain how a worker with a Christian worldview would respond to that dilemma.


Vocation Essay - TIPS & Resources

Sample Assignment: Vocation Essay

Use research to articulate the relationship between your Christian worldview and your profession; apply this understanding by responding to a moral or ethical dilemma you may encounter in that profession.


Are your familiar with the professional ethics in your chosen career? If not, try a web search for your profession AND professional ethics, or look at the Code of Ethics on the association's website.
Search examples:

  • accounting AND "code of ethics" - Results include the "International Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants."
  • counseling AND "professional ethics" - Results include the "ACA Code of Ethics." 

Worldview Analysis - TIPS & Resources

Sample Assignment: Worldview Analysis

Analyze a current magazine article, current newspaper article, or popular secular song’s lyrics to expose its underlying worldview or specific philosophy. Film is also permitted if a printed script is available to quote from.

Divide the assignment into two parts:

  1. Select a work and determine the author's/writer's worldview from the writing. Choose a song, tv script, popular magazine article, or newspaper article (per your professor) and form an opinion on the worldview of the lyricist, writer, or author (not the performer).
  1. Search databases for scholarly articles. Find scholarly articles to support your opinion of the worldview you identified with the lyricist, writer, or author.