Selected Websites

Selected Journals

opens new windowCareer Development Quarterly (Full text delay: 12 months) - "Articles on career assessment & measurement, career counseling practices, career indecision, information, salience, self-efficacy, theory, transitions, gender issues, case histories & work & family."

Career Outlook

Journal of Vocational Behavior - "Publishes original empirical and theoretical articles that contribute novel insights to the fields of career choice, career development," and more.

Work and Occupations (WOX): An International Sociological Journal - Provides "a broad perspective on the dynamics of the workplace and examines international approaches to work-related issues."

Searching Databases

In addition to career websites, use databases to identify trends, the outlook and other features or projections for your career.

Select a database, such as opens new windowAcademic Search Complete. Use the "Choose Databases" link to select and add one or more subject related databases to search.
Use key terms for your occupation or career.
Use the "Subject" and/or "Subject Thesaurus" limiters in the left menu bar to mark all relevant subjects for your occupation and update your results.
Browse and search subject headings.
Change or add databases, as needed.

Sample Searches:
The searches below include keyword, phrase and subject heading searches. Click a link to review the results and edit for other careers or professions.

Association & Professional Organization Web pages

Search the Web for the professional organizations or associations and their Professional Ethics or Code of Ethics. If you do not know the name of the professional association affiliated with your career, try a search similar to those below.
Search Examples:
• librarian and "professional ethics"
• accounting and "Code of Ethics"
• professional and ethic* and association