Room (Lights, TV Screen, Camera) and Zoom Settings

Follow the 5 steps below for recording in the Presentation Studio. You will need to go to the Library Service desk to have the supervisor open the Presentation Studio door for you. If you need assistance, we can help you set up for your recording.

1) Set up the Room

• Log on the computer.
• Turn on the two floor lights (#1 and #2) and ceiling light (#3) with the gray remote.
• Turn on the TV screen with the black remote.
• If you are using Zoom to record, sign in to your Zoom account using the desktop app and check your Zoom settings.

2) Check Your Zoom Settings

Go to the Zoom settings and mark the setting shown below.

Audio Setting
• For Speaker, mark Headphones (Realtek(R) Audio).
• For Microphone, mark Same as system (Line (USB AUDIO  CODEC)) or Same as system (Headphones (Realtek(R) Audio).

Background & Effects Setting
• Choose a background image or video already in Zoom. OR, search the web to find free images or videos representative of your multimedia presentation then upload them into Zoom to use as backgrounds. Use the + icon to upload new images or videos (MP4 or MDV files).
•  Mark I have a green screen.

Recording Setting
• For Local Recording, Store my recording at: C:\Users\student\OneDrive - Oral Roberts University. (Note: This will save the recording on your cloud account for you to access and use later.)

3) Record Using Zoom

• To record, click New Meeting. Change to full screen.
• Adjust the camera view. Use the joystick to move up, down and twist to zoom in and out by
• Click Record to begin recording.

4) End Your Recording

In Zoom, click the End button. Click End Meeting for All.

View Your Zoom Recording

5) View Your Recording

In Zoom, go to Meetings and choose the Recorded tab. It may take a few minutes for your recording to be processed.

If you set the recording to Store my recording at: C:\Users\student\OneDrive - Oral Roberts University, you can access your recording on any computer.

If, however, you did not set the Recording to be at your C:\Users\student\OneDrive - Oral Roberts University, the recording will be on the Presentation Studio computer. You will need to record or email to yourself the recording link and Passcode for access on another computer.

When you are done:

  • Log out of your Zoom account.
  • Turn off the three recording lights and the TV screen.
  • Log out of the computer.
  • Turn off the room lights and close the room door.
  • Check in at the Library Service Desk and let us know you are done using room.

NOTES: Students are responsible for the equipment while using the room. No food is allowed in the Presentation Studio.