Using a PowerPoint for the Zoom Background

To use your PowerPoint as the Zoom background, IT  IS EASY!

Upload your PowerPoint on Presentation Studio Computer or know the file location of your .ppwt file, then  follow the directions below.

In Zoom:

  1. Start the meeting, then click Share Screen. (Note: Click the words Share Screen and not the up arrow.)
  2. Choose the Advanced tab. Double click PowerPoint as Virtual Background.
  3. Locate your PowerPoint file and open it. (Note: To use PowerPoint as a background on Zoom, the file type must be .ppt or .pptx.)
  4. KEY POINT: The green screen camera view appears on the bottom right corner of the PowerPoint slide. Click the camera view to get the outline, then resize it and move it to where you want it on the PowerPoint slide. Use the joystick to zoom in and out and move the camera left or right. You can also resize the camera view box and hide it under the thumbnail.
    TIP: Consider resizing to cover the entire screen, then use the joystick to zoom and adjust the size you want to appear as in front of your PowerPoint.
    Presentation Studio Zoom Powerpoint Background
  5. When recording, you will need a second person at the computer to move through your PowerPoint slides while you do the commentary.
    OR if you are by yourself, move the rolling computer table and adjust the camera, accordingly. (This is an option, but the recording will not be as professional as having another person assist with the PowerPoint slides.)

Well, that is easy...once you know how to do it!

Please contact Professor Bloom with any questions or if you need assistance.

Remember to delete your PowerPoint if you uploaded it on the Presentation Studio computer.