Nursing Students Explore Virtual Reality

Sr. Paper students in Dr. Landrum’s NUR 498 class utilized a class time in the library to engage with resources in the  Innovation Station, Faculty AVR Room, and Presentation Studio.

 Dr. McCoy’s Advanced Human Physiology (PHS 324) class, shown below, also explored VR and 3D technologies, including Sharecare YOU Anatomy, 3D Organon VR (on Steam), and BioDigital Human, in the J.D. McKean Library Innovation Station and Faculty AVR Room.

Physiology class explores VR

Medical Mission Student and VRStudents in Dr. Kimberly Landrum’s Community Health Nursing class used virtual reality (VR) in the library to explore on Google Earth VR the country and surrounding areas of their pre-nursing trip to Africa.

One student commented, “It was incredible. It gave a unique perspective in preparation of our spring medical missions trip to Lomé, Togo, Africa.”

New Books & Ebooks!

ebook readingWhen ordering ebooks, the library may have options to purchase single user, multi-user, or unlimited access. A single user license (one user) allows one user at a time access to the book; a multi-user license (three users) allows up to three users access at the same time.