Special Library Location Codes

Most periodicals are available online in a database and can be found and searched using the Journal Finder+.

Several current print titles are located in the reading area at the end of the Library Services Desk. Older print periodicals are shelved at the Library Annex located at CityPlex. The library also has several special collections, such as those in the opens new windowHoly Spirit Research Center.

The chart below shows periodical special collections along with their abbreviation codes and locations.

Library Code Special Library Collection Name and Location
CMC opens new windowCurriculum Media Center
Education Center, LRC 5th floor
Contains the audiovisual collection of slides, tapes and cassettes, as well as children's literature, media for grades K-12, and other materials teachers use to develop curriculum. in addition, there is a computer lab for education majors.
HLSSP Health, Leisure and Sport Science Periodicals
Location: opens new windowHLSS Research library, Aerobic Center.
HSRC Holy Spirit Resource Center
Location: J.D. McKean Library, 3rd Floor.
LRC-PER Periodicals and Microform (newspapers, magazines, etc.)
Location: Library Annex (at CityPlex)
Reference Collection
Location: J.D. McKean Library, 1st Floor.
Includes subject encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, handbooks and similar materials that you would not necessarily read cover-to-cover. The reference also includes many biblical commentaries.To find specific reference titles, use the Library catalog and limit to "Reference Collection." Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other. See:
opens new windowLC Classification Outline or inquire at the Library Services Desk for assistance.
Reference books cannot be checked; however, some titles may have a duplicate in the main collection. Search the title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is located elsewhere in the library and available for checkout.
Reserve opens new windowReserve Materials
Location: At the counter at the Library Services Desk, 1st Floor
Consists of books, audiovisuals, tests, short articles and other items placed on reserve for student use in conjunction with courses offered at ORU.
TBM-Music Listening Room Timko Barton Music Collection
Location: Timko Barton Music Building-Listening Lab (TB-2)
Contains a circulating collection of scores and a non-circulating collection of records, tapes, and compact discs. Music majors are given priority for use of these materials.