Periodical Areas

Periodical online full text articles may be found in ORU databases or open access on the Web. The J.D. McKean Library has computers available on the first floor for searching online periodicals.

Current print issues are located on the last row of the shelves on the second floor; older bound titles are at the Library Annex at CityPlex.

Periodical Format Descriptions and Locations

Periodical Formats Description and Location
Database An electronic resource of information (articles, books, journals, etc.) that includes indexes and citations but may also include abstracts an full text.
Full Text Online Available on and off campus on any computer (or mobile device) with Internet access when you are logged in with you ORU network login or SSO. To find print and online periodical titles, search Journal Finder+.
Current Issues Current print periodical titles, including magazines, are shelved on the last row of shelves on the second floor.
Bound Volumes Stored at the Annex at CityPlex. (Inquire at the Library Services Desk for more information.)


Microfilm is a strip of film wound on a spool that contains journal or magazine articles.
Stored at the Annex at CityPlex. (Inquire at the Library Services Desk for more information.)