Primary Source Documents

Primary source documents are original materials, such as an original study or research project. They are from the event or time period involved and provide an account of "how it was" without analysis, commentary, editing, or interpretation. The article abstract often includes a brief note on the background, what or who was studied, the purpose or objectives, methods, results or conclusions.

TIP: To find primary sources in databases and on the Web search your topic(s) and other relevant terms.

your topic AND (research OR study) AND university
your topic AND "focus of the study"
your topic AND "purpose of this study"
your concept 1 AND your concept 2 AND (study OR report)
AND cause* AND "bipolar depression" AND (study OR& report)

Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources are accounts written after the fact and interpret primary sources. A secondary source may be a discussion of or commentary on primary source events with hindsight.
As you begin your research watch for studies and reports referred to in journals and other resources.