If you have the article title, use EagleSearch

When you have the article title, use opens new windowEagleSearch, which searches multiple databases, simultaneously.

Access EagleSearch.
Key in the article title, or part of it. Put quotation marks around the title so the words are searched as a phrase. Change the Keyword field to Title. Click Search.
Click the title or the full text links, such as PDF, HTML and Linked Full Text.


If you have the journal name, use Journal Finder+

To find full text of an article when you have a citation, locate the journal issue and find the article.

  1. Access the opens new windowJournal Finder+. Key in the journal name.
    Publication Finder
  2. Under the journal title, choose a database link that has the dates you need.
    Publication Finder
  3. On the Publication Details page, select the date and volume. (shown below, right)
    Publication Finder

    If you do not know the exact date or issue, click Search within this publication. (shown circled above)
    Key in terms that identify the article, such as "cultural lens approach" (shown below)
    Publication Finder
  4. Scroll to the article. Click the title or the full text links, such as PDF, HTML.
    Note: PDF is the digitized version of the article; HTML is a simple typed format.