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Q. What is the best database to start with to find articles for the 102 documented essay assignment?

A. opens new windowAcademic Search Complete is a good place to begin research for articles as it covers all subject areas and includes full-text peer reviewed journals and magazines. Another starting point is opens new windowEagleSearch, a discovery tool that searches multiple databases simultaneously.

Q. How do I cite a YouTube video in MLA format? Where do I find the author's name?

A. Use the same basic guidelines for online article or book sources, including as much descriptive information as needed to help the reader understand and locate your source. For video citations, only cite the author's name once if it is the same as the uploader. As with other online resource citations, do not include the beginning https:// or http:// in the URL for MLA style.
opens new windowGo to the video in the citation below.

citation example

  • The entire URL does not fit on the line following "2017," so it started on a new line.
  • "6 Mar. 2017" is the date uploaded, not the accessed date, which is optional to include at the end of MLA citations. The accessed date is not included in the above citation.

A. The author's name may be listed in the video record or appear in print at the beginning of the video, as in the example above. If there is no author's name, begin the citation with the title of the video.

Q. How do I get the Certificate for LIBBI-102COMP-RA, Research Assignment?

A. Inquire at the Library Service desk at 918-495-6887 or contact Professor Myra Bloom.