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Church Fathers

The Early Church Fathers is a 38-volume collection of writings from the first 800 years of the Church. The collection is divided into three series, Ante-Nicene (ANF), Nicene and Post-Nicene Series I (NPNF1), and Nicene and Post-Nicene Series II (NPNF2).

opens new windowChristian Classics Ethereal Library: Church Fathers (CCEL)
Open Access, electronic edition of the Early Church Fathers series. Provides searchable full text.

In the Library Catalog or an ebook database, try a subject search for "Fathers of the Church" or an author search for a Church Father.
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opens new windowAugustine of Hippo (Library catalog, author search)
opens new window"Fathers of the Church" (Ebook Central, LC Subject Heading search)
opens new window"Fathers of the Church" (eBook Collections, EBSCO, Subject search)
opens new window"Fathers of the Church" (Gale Virtual Reference, phrase search)

See: opens new window ORU Library--Fathers of the Church- Call number section opens new windowBR60...LRC-R

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Use the opens new window Library of Congress Classification Outline: opens new windowB--Philosophy, Psychology, Religion or the ORU Library Theology Bookmark that lists general theological and biblical call numbers to identify reference sections to browse. Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other.

Reference books cannot be checked; however, some titles may have a duplicate in the main collection that is available for checkout. Search the title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is located elsewhere in the library or online. Assistance is available at the Library Services Desk.

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For general information, use a subject encyclopedia or dictionary to look up a religion, movement, or country. Get background information on politics, cultural and social environment, education, religion, etc. Although you cannot include general encyclopedias in a bibliography, they may be helpful as a preliminary source.
-religio* AND encyclopedia
-bibl* AND dictionary

To get the citation for a book, go to the detailed record in the library catalog, click How do I Cite this?, and then select a citation style, such as Chicago/Turabian: Humanities. Copy/paste/edit the citation, as needed. Always check the citation references for accuracy with the opens new window ORU Research & Writing Manual and your professor's requirements.

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