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Use broad keywords and subjects that identify your topic(s). Search a variety of fields.
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To limit your results to Reference Books, change "View Entire Collection" to "Reference Collection."

Ebook titles are included in the library catalog along with links to the full-text ebook. To limit your results to ebooks, change "View Entire Collection" to "Ebooks." Click a book title to access the detailed record (shown below). Click the How do I Cite this? link (circled below) to get citation information in a variety of styles.
Library Catalog citaiton tool
Always check with your professor and the required print style formatting and punctuation rules and edit citations accordingly.

Ebook Databases

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To access or create a bookshelf, click Bookshelf or Sign In, then enter your network login. Provides apps (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and Download options.
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opens new windoweBook Collection (EBSCO's ebook database)
Save books in your EBSCO folder for later access and use. The database allows 1-5 simultaneous full-text views per ebook.
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