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Sample title lists by subject:
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Sample Journal Titles

opens new windowChurch History and Culture (Full text delay 3 years) - "Primarily devoted to the history of Christianity. It contains articles in this field as well as in other specialised related areas."

opens new windowChristian History- "Covers major persons, events, issues in the history of the Christian Church in an engaging, accurate and visual way."

opens new windowChristian History: Studies in Christianity and Culture- "Feature essays exploring a wide variety of subjects and extensive book reviews on all aspects of church history published for members of the American Society of Church History."

opens new windowFoundations An International Journal of Evangelical Theology - "Covers contemporary theological issues such as exegesis, biblical theology, church history and apologetics. Specializes in evangelical Christianity."

opens new windowJournal of Religious History (Full text delay 1 year) - "Explores the place of religion in history. Reviews current work on the history of religions and their relationship with all aspects of human experience."