Subject Research GuideThis research guide provides subject and discipline related suggested resource links, search strategies, and research tips to support course assignments and student research success.

Find Journal Articles and Citations

Subject Terms: Click the Thesaurus in the top menu. Type "art" in the browsing text box. Review and select from hundreds of narrower, broader, and related "art" terms.
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Using Subject Terms to Search

Helpful tips

To Select and Use Subject Terms for "Art" (in EBSCO databases):

  1. Click Subject Terms in the top menu
  2. Type art in the browsing text box, choose Relevancy Ranked or other display option
  3. Click Browse.
    From the list of subject terms, click 'Art' to view hundreds of narrower terms.
  4. Review and mark the check boxes that identify your topic(s).
  5. Click the Add button to add the subjects in the search text box. Click Search.

Subject term Art

To add additional subjects to the "ART" database results linked on this page, or to change the subjects, in each database use the Subject Terms, Thesaurus or More Indexes links in the top menu bar. Then search your broad topic and drill down through available subjects.