Find Reference Books

Reference books cannot be checked out; however, some titles may have a duplicate in the main collection that is available for checkout. Search the title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is located elsewhere in the library and available for checkout. Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other.

To find a specific title:
Use the opens new window Library catalog and limit your results to "Reference Collection." Once you find a book, use the Table of Contents and Index(es) to find your topic or subject in the book and to see how it relates to other topics.

To find art related subjects:
Use the opens new window Library catalog. Try a opens new windowsubject search for "art," or similar subjects, then browse and select subjects of interest to you.

To browse the Reference Collection:
Most art books are found in the N call number section.

Library of Congress Call Numbers and Subject Headings for Art
N   Visual Art (general
  N 5300 - N 5700 Art History
NA   Architecture
NB   Sculpture
NC   Drawing (design, advertising, cartoons, posters)
ND   Painting
NE   Print Media (woodcuts, lithography, engravings)
NK   Decorative Arts
  NK 3700 - NK 4695 Ceramics, Pottery, Porcelain
NX   Arts in Combination
  PN 1998 Films as Art
TR   Photography
  TP 700s, TP 800s Ceramics
  TT 900s Ceramics

See also: opens new window Library of Congress Classification Outline: Class N - Fine Art

Sample Titles in the Library Reference Collection, LRC 4th Floor, LINC