Old Testament

Biblical Books by LC Class Number
Old Test LC Class Old Test LC Class Old Test LC Class
Genesis BS1235+ Esther opens new windowBS1375+ Joel opens new windowBS1575+
Exodus BS1245+ Job BS1415+ Amos opens new windowBS1585+
Leviticus BS1255+ Psalms opens new windowBS1430* Obadiah opens new windowBS1595+
Numbers BS1265+ Proverbs opens new windowBS1465+ Jonah opens new windowBS1605+
Deuteronomy BS1275+ Ecclesiastes opens new windowBS1475+ Micah opens new windowBS1615+
Joshua BS1295+ Song of Solomon opens new windowBS1485* Nahum opens new windowBS1625+
Judges BS1305+ Isaiah opens new windowBS1515+ Habukkuk opens new windowBS1635+
Ruth BS1315+ Jeremiah opens new windowBS1525+ Zephaniah opens new windowBS1645+
1-2 Samuel BS1325+ Lamentations opens new windowBS1535+ Haggai opens new windowBS1655+
1-2 Chronicles opens new windowBS1345+ Daniel opens new windowBS1555+ Zechariah opens new windowBS1665+
Ezra & Nehemiah opens new windowBS1355+ Hosea BS1565+ Malachi opens new windowBS1675+

New Testament

Biblical Books by LC Class Number
New Test LC Class New Test LC Class New Test LC Class
Matthew BS2575+ Galatians BS2685+ Hebrews BS2775+
Mark BS2585+ Ephesians BS2695+ James BS2785+
Luke BS2595+ Philippians BS2705+ 1-2 Peter BS2795+
John BS2615+ Colossians BS2715+ 1-3 John BS2805+
Acts BS2625+ 1 & 2 Thessalonians BS2725+ Jude BS2815+
Romans BS2665+ 1 & 2 Timothy & Titus BS2735-BS2745 Revelation BS2825+
1-2 Corinthians BS2675+ Philemon BS2765+ _ _

Deuterocanon/ Apocrypha

Biblical Books by LC Class Number
Deuterocanon/ Apocrypha LC Class
Tobit opens new windowBS1725
Judith opens new windowBS1735
Wisdom of Solomon opens new windowBS1755+
Ecclesiasticus / Ben Sira BS1765+
1 & 2 Maccabees opens new windowBS1825+
Baruch BS1775+ BS1830.B4+