First Things to Check

Are you unable to access databases or journals? Check these items first:

  1. Are you currently enrolled in a class at ORU?
    a. Is your status "complete"? (If not, your username/password will not be recognized).
    b. Have you been successful logging into other ORU resources?
  2. Are you trying to access the resource by going through the ORU Library web site?
    a. You must go through the "authentication" process to access our subscription databases and journals.
    b. Use your ORU Single Sign-on through the database or by using the "Off Campus Access" button on the Library Home Page
    c. If you are still having trouble, provide the URL of the page where you found the link to the database or article. Use the form "Report Access Problems"
  3. Are you using your ORU Single Sign-on? This username and password are what you use for Vision andD2L.
    a.Your single sign-on is your ORU email address.
    b. If you need help with this information, contact the Student Help Desk (918-495-6321 or
  4. Try clearing cookies and cache from your history.
    a. This step is important and frequently solves many problems! Instructions on how to do this vary by browser.
    b. This webpage shows you how to clear the cache for most browsers:opens new window
  5. Are you working from a place of business?
    a. Frequently offices and schools have a firewall in place.
    b. If you see " This page cannot be displayed ", it usually means a firewall is on your side.
    c. Ask your I.T. department to add"" as a safe site; ORU cannot help with this aspect.
  6. Pop-ups, cookies, and JavaScript need access to your browser.
    a. If these are disabled, you will not be able to access the resources.
    b. If you are unsure how to enable these, Search opens new windowGoogle for "enable pop-ups on[ browser name ]" for whichever browser you are using(e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Brave).
  7. Do you have filtering software or identity protection software on your computer?
    a. These programs often block access to databases.
    b.Examples are Covenant Eyes,Net Nanny, Family Shield, etc.
  8. Try a different browser.
    a. Is your browser up to date?
    b. Some databases work better in one browser than another. (Example: D&B Hoovers work best in Chrome or IE)

Common Error Messages

Common Error Messages
404 "Not Found" Broken link / incorrectly typed address (URL) / Server could be down / page not found on the Internet
"You do not have Permission..." Typically this is a Proxy problem. Use "Off Campus" Log in with Single Sign-on credentials. IF this step does not resolve the problem (or you are already 'authenticated'), please submit the information using our Report Access Problem form and include a screen shot, if possible.
"Log in to view this content" You've probably reached a site or journal that requires a subscription. Try going through Journal Finder + to see IF ORU has a subscription; if we do have that title for the date you need, access it through this method.
"Your connection is not secure" or "NET: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY INVALID" Security warnings on websites suggest risk or vulnerabilities. Check the address: "https" identifies a site with a security certificate. Also, update old versions of browsers. Read "opens new windowSecuring Your Web Browser" by U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency for further information.