Logging into Ebook Central

Ebook Central is a ProQuest database which houses thousands of academic e-titles, most of which are in our subscription database allowing unlimited users access; we also have purchased many PQ e-titles and the number of users allowed for those vary by their license.

There are several ways to access these ebooks but the two easiest ways are through the opens new windowCatalog or through the opens new window Database List. Whether you go directly to opens new windowEbook Central or whether you find a title in our Catalog, you will be required to log into this resource using your ORU Single sign-on credentials.

Once inside Ebook Central, you may set up your own personal "Bookshelf". You will be asked to sign in using your ORU single sign-on credentials to set up your bookshelf. (This is a separate step from accessing the database). Any books that you want to keep track of, you may "add to Bookshelf"; you can even set up separate folders inside your bookshelf for easy management of content.

screen shot

When you have found an ebook on your topic, you may bookmark, highlight, and take notes inside the book, but in order to retain this information, the book must stay on the PQ Ebook Central Platform in your Bookshelf. If you 'check out' or download the book, you will lose the personalizations once the book checks back in. Again, you will use your ORU Single sign-on to set up your personalized Bookshelf and subsequently log back into it.

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