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opens new windowAssessment - "Focuses on applied clinical assessment, with an emphasis on information relevant to the use of assessment measures, including test development, validation, and interpretation practices. Articles cover the assessment of cognitive and neuropsychological functioning, personality, and psychopathology, as well as empirical assessment of clinically relevant phenomena, such as behaviors, personality characteristics, and diagnoses."

opens new windowAssessment Update - Covers the developments in higher education assessment. Gives information & advice on conducting assessments, including student learning & outcomes, faculty instruction, academic programs, student services, & overall institutional functioning.

opens new windowEducational and Psychological Measurement - Articles for the professional on problems in the field of measurement of individual differences, research on the development and use of tests and measurements in education, descriptions of testing programs and reports pertinent to the measurement fie

opens new windowPsychological Assessment - Publishes mainly empirical articles concerning clinical assessment. Papers that fall within the domain of the journal include research on the development, validation, application, and evaluation of psychological assessment instruments.

opens new windowPsychological Test and Assessment Modeling