Some databases may have test reviews and/or include tests.

Database Subject Headings and Keywords

Use keywords and subject to look for articles on personality tests and measurements. Each database has a unique set of subject headings that can be combined with keywords. Try a variety of subjects.
Sample terms and subjects:

  • clinical diagnosis
  • college students
  • comparative analysis
  • diagnostic testing
  • evaluation methods
  • intelligence tests
  • personality measurements
  • personality measures
  • psychological testing
  • student evaluation
  • test construction
  • test reliability
  • test Use
  • test validity
  • testing
  • testing problems
  • tests and measurements

How to Find Subjects in EBSCO Databases

  1. Click Thesaurus or Subject Heading in the top bar.
  2. In the Browsing text box, key in Personality Tests, Psychological Test, Test-and Testing- or similar. Select Term Begins With, Term Contains, or Relevancy Ranked for the display. Click Browse.
  3. Explore the list of new terms. Mark the checkbox in front of the term or click the term text to explode the term.
  4. After a term(s) is marked, click Add. Click the Search button.

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