Sr. Paper Research Tips

Be alert! As you research, continue to add relevant terms to your search.

Consider alternative terms, abbreviations, narrower terms, broader terms and related terms.

Use subject descriptors, database thesauri and article abstracts to identify additional terms and ideas.

Notice, and use subject heading links listed in an article record, which may lead you to other groups of articles.

In your review of articles and websites, watch for references to research, reports and studies, which will point you to primary source documents.

Read through the references at the end of relevant articles to identify more articles and resources.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

opens new window Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Contact ILL at 918-495-7377 or

If the library does not own the item you need, we will request it for you through our interlibrary loan service. As a student who has attended a sr. paper LIBBI, your interlibrary loans will be free. (Note: Books will still have a postage fee that you will need to pay, but the ILL $2.00/item fee will be waived.)

To Request an ILL:
Some databases include interlibrary loan forms to complete. For example, EBSCOhost databases provide an ILL form when you click the "Request from another library" link in the article record. If no form is available in the database, you may complete the opens new window interlibrary Loan Request Form or copy and paste the citation information and email it to

• Determine that the ORU Library does not own the item you need BEFORE requesting it through interlibrary loan.

• Some items are available nearby; others may take a week or more to obtain from out-of-state.

• For most articles requested, a download link will be emailed to students. Please download promptly, as the link will expire in a few weeks.

• For books, you will receive an email when the book is ready to pick up at the Library Services Desk. 

Submit only one request form for each article. If you hit the Submit button multiple times, duplicate requests will be sent.

After submitting a request, check your ORU email for the confirmation, which includes the citation information.