LIBBIs, or library student workshops, give students a guided hands-on experience from basic to advanced skill levels. Some LIBBIs are part of a course requirement, while others may be requested by faculty members for specific classes or assignments. Library Instruction also offers LIBBIs that are "open" to all students. Faculty members may request any of the following as optional or required:

LIBBI for Your Course or Discipline
If you would like your students to explore resources and library research within your course or discipline, request a hands-on library instruction session, or LIBBI, that provides an overview of resources in the subject and meets your student needs.

LIBBI for a Research Assignment
If your students have a research assignment and you would like to introduce them to resources and library research appropriate for your assignment, a librarian will work with you to create a tailored library instructional session that focuses on and supports the student needs and requirements for the assignment.

LIBBI for AVR or 3D Printing
As part of new initiatives and for advancing transformative learning, the library offers student engaging, innovative instructions sessions on opens new window3D Printing and opens new windowAugmented/ Virtual Reality (AVR) experiences.

Faculty members are always welcome to attend LIBBI sessions, but they are not required to do so, even when a LIBBI is for their class or assignment.

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