About Using Other Library Catalogs

Use the resources below to find books and other materials beyond the ORU library. When the item you need is not available at ORU, request it through the library's opens new window Interlibrary Loan service.


opens new windowWorldCat.org
A library catalog with more than 1.2 billion records for books and other materials in OCLC member libraries, worldwide. Books, websites, films and slides, musical scores, and more. Records represent 400 languages and show libraries that have the item. Records may also include an abstract and user-contributed reviews. If the book you need is not available at ORU, use the WorldCat "Request Item" link to make an interlibrary loan request.
See opens new windowWhat is WorldCat?

In the book record:

WorldCat Identities

opens new windowWorldCat Identities provides summary pages for ~30 million names, including persons, organizations and fictitious characters, in WorldCat.
Example: opens new windowWatchman Nee | opens new window Oral Roberts

Use the "Find more information about" box in the Details Section to link to opens new windowWorldCat Identities, "which has a summary page for every name in WorldCat (currently some 30 million names) including named persons, organizations and fictitious characters." opens new window Learn more

Google Books

opens new windowGoogle Books
Includes some book previews and complete books. Connects to books with the opens new window Library Project and Partner Program. If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given permission, Google Books provides a preview of the book. If the book is in public domain, you can freely download a PDF copy. opens new windowLearn more

Search, click a title, and then under "Get this book in print," choose "Find in a library,"which links to the WorldCat record.

WorldCat (FirstSearch)

opens new windowWorldCat (FirstSarch database)
- Limit your results to materials in a library or group of libraries in a specified city/state.
-Use opens new windowFind codes to get to code for a library, then key the code(s) in the Library Code text box (shown circled below).
opens new windowWorldCat-Firstsearch