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Try a opens new window Library catalog subject search for "drama," "theater" or other related subject, and then drill down to your area of interest. If the book you find is an ebook, click "View content of ...E-Book" in the record to go to the full text. For more precise searching, try aopens new window Library catalog Advanced Search and combine a subject with a relevant keyword. For example, Subject: English theater and Keyword: women.

Drama & Theatre Call Numbers

Drama and Theatre Call Numbers

Use call numbers to browse book sections of the reference collection or to search the library catalog.

For drama and theatre call numbers, see the opens new window Library of Congress Classification Outline: Class P - Language and Literature (PDF) and choose Subclass PN, or use the partial list below.


PN1600-3307 - Drama
PN1635-1650 - Relation to, and treatment of, special subjects
PN1660-1693 - Technique of dramatic composition
PN1720-1861 - History
PN1865-1988 - Special types
PN1990-1992.92 - Broadcasting
PN1991-1991.9 - Radio broadcasts
PN1992-1992.92 - Television broadcasts
PN1992.93-19 92.95 - Nonbroadcast video recordings
PN1993-1999 - Motion pictures
PN1997-1997.85 - Plays, scenarios, etc.
PN2000-3307 - Dramatic representation. The theater
PN2061-2071 - Art of acting
PN2085-2091 - The stage and accessories
PN2131-2193 - By period
PN2131-2145 - Ancient
PN2152-2160 - Medieval
PN2171-2179 - Renaissance
PN2181-2193 - Modern
PN2219.3-3030 - Special regions or countries
PN3035 - The Jewish theater
PN3151-3171 - Amateur theater

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