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Spetz, J., Skillman, S. M., & Andrilla, C. H. A. (2017). Nurse practitioner autonomy and satisfaction in rural settings. Medical Care Research and Review, 74(2), 227–235. https://doi.org/10.1177/1077558716629584

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"Rural primary care shortages may be alleviated if more nurse practitioners (NPs) practiced there. This study compares urban and rural primary care NPs..."

Immersive Learning Technologies

Demonstrates access and a basic search to find and filter more than 6,200 videos on "nursing" in AVON (Academic Videos Online).

BioDigital is a free application that visualizes anatomy, physiology, disease and treatments with dynamic, interactive 3D graphics and simulations. Explore detailed models of anatomy and health conditions. To get started, select "Individuals-Start Now" and create a FREE account, or click "Login." For subsequent visits, just log in with your own credentials. The free Biodigital account allows for 10 model views per month.