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To see if a journal is available in the ORU Library, search the Journal Finder+. Some titles are available in multiple formats and/or multiple databases. For online full text, the database(s) with full text will be listed. When a title is available "in-house" in paper, CD-ROM or microform there will be a link to "Oral Roberts University Library Holdings." Follow the links to what you need.

Sample title lists by keyword:

- opens new windowCognitive Behavior Therapy
- opens new windowPsychodynamic

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- opens new windowSocial Psychology

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Browse and select journal titles in a database (shown below). Click a journal title then search your topic within the journal or browse dates/volumes to select a single issue.

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Sample Journal Titles

opens new windowDepression Research and Treatment - "Provides information about research related to all aspects of depression and includes case reports and clinical studies."

opens new windowJournal of Experimental Psychology: Applied - "Original empirical investigations in experimental psychology that bridges practically oriented problems & psychological theory."

opens new windowJournal of Experimental Psychology: General - "Longer, more integrative articles leading to advances in knowledge that are judged to be of interest to the entire community of experimental psychologists."

opens new windowJournal of Experimental Child Psychology - "Significant empirical research concerned with expanding our psychological knowledge of the child; critical reviews, theoretical contributions and short notes on methodological issues and innovative apparatus."

opens new windowJournal of Experimental Social Psychology - "Research and theory on social interaction and related phenomena, including social motivation, social cognition, attitude and belief processes and intergroup and intragroup processes; theoretical analyses, literature reviews and methodological notes."

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