Assignment and Linked Reference

The annotated bibliography is a key step to identify a manageable research topic.

#1 Before You Start - Helpful Thesis Examples

It may be helpful to review a research outline and completed thesis or dissertation related to the assignment. Go to opens new windowProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
Begin with a relevant Search and review titles in your result list to get ideas for treatment therapies.

opens new windowpsychology AND therapy AND treatment AND study

Then, choose a title from your list to review the outline and content of the thesis or dissertation. The "Preview - PDF" provides the first 25 pages. "Full text - PDF" are also available

opens new windowThe Impact of Therapeutic Mindfulness on Treatment Process and Treatment Outcome (See page iii for the outline below right.)

opens new windowProQuest Dissertations and Theses results thesis outline

#2a Identify and Search a Therapeutic Treatment

Find a Therapeutic Treatment - Select a psychology database and try a keyword search for a specific treatment.

Browse treatments in the subjects or thesaurus. After you have identified and chosen a treatment from a subject list, mark the checkbox and click "Add" to move the term into the search box.

Below are two subject searches and a list of "treatments" in PsychINFO.

Psychology Subject search

Psychological treatments

The above list of "treatments" is in PsychINFO.

#3 Find Peer Reviewed Articles - Search Examples

Search and find articles to answer the assignment questions

Using the Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) as a research example, several searches are provided below as starting points for gathering information to answer questions for "opens new windowProposal Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography."

Edit the searches below according to your needs.
Access the search and use "Choose Databases" to select another psychology database to run the same search.
To search primary research, use key terms such as study, "purpose of the study," etc.
Set required research limits, such as date, peer reviewed, age groups, and methodology-quantitative study or methodology-qualitative study. (See image below)

Examples in APA PsycInfo:
Recall that DE in a search expression identifies a subject term in most databases.

#2b More Ideas & Background Information for Treatments (in Reference Databases)

In the reference databases below, use the visual tools to get related, narrower and broader concepts. Results represent entries from all the reference books in the database.

opens new windowCredo Reference Center
Try the Mind Map. Continue to click the nodes to rearrange the mind map to your desired topic. Click the image to go to the results.

opens new windowCredo Ref Mind Map

opens new windowGale Virtual Reference library

Try a Topic Finder search. Click Advanced at the top of the page, then choose the Topic Finder tab. Key in a broad topic to view related, broader and narrower topics. Click the image to go to the results.
opens new windowGVTL Topic Finder