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Sample Journals on Nursing Ethics

opens new windowCambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics [1992-present; Full text delay 2 years; Indexing to the present] - Focuses on the challenges of biology, medicine and healthcare and to meet the needs of professionals serving on healthcare ethics committees in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and rehabilitation centres Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
opens new windowJournal of Korean Nursing Academy of Nursing Administration [2012-present] - Covers topics related to nursing administration, including nursing care, services, Ethics, education, etc.  
Journal of Professional Nursing [1995-present] - Articles focus on baccalaureate and higher degree nursing education, educational research, policy related to education, and education and practice partnerships. Journal of Professional Nursing
opens new windowNursing Ethics: An International Journal for Health Care Professionals opens new window [1999-present] - Peer reviewed articles covering policy issues, debates, & controversies relating to ethical and legal questions faced by health care professionals with a practical approach to topics as they relate to professionals and the workplace.

Nursing Ethics: An International Journal for Health Care Professionals