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Sample Topic

Is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing/reprogramming (EMDR) an empirically supported treatment (EST)? If so, what research has be done that supports EMDR?

Sample Key Terms
EMDR, study, research, empirical supported treatment, EST (NOTE: EST also means e-learning-based speech therapy), research-supported, psycho-therapy, counseling, therapy, interventions, programs, empirically supported psychological interventions

Search Examples
Use a variety of search expressions. Click a link below to view the results. Then, try editing the search.

Find Primary Source or Research Articles

An article, editorial, reference list, association Web page, book or other resources may provide information about a study or research on your topic or treatment. Use both keywords and subjects, single and multiple database searching. Set search result limits, such as date or peer-reviewed.

Start with a basic search.

Use opens new windowEagleSearch to discover results from a variety of databases and in formats, including academic articles, books, conference papers, videos, blogs, etc.).

Try a single database search: opens new windowSage Premier, opens new windowAPA PsycInfo or opens new windowAPA PsycARTICLES. Key in concepts with along with relevant terms, such as study or research. Then, limit by article type, date, subject, or other available filters. For example, search opens new windoweye movement desensitization AND (empirical OR research) in SAGE.

After you find an article:
Read the article abstract to identify, then search,other relevant terms, such as the name of the study, researchers, authors, university, facility, and key concepts of the study. Use the terms in a "text" search in opens new windowEagleSearch and uncheck "Available in Library."


If the article is not available full text, use the "Request from another library" link.