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See: opens new window Library of Congress Classification Outline: Subclass BF (Psychology)

Sample Reference Titles

  • Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology and Counseling -BF31.B25 LRC-R
  • Biographical Dictionary of Psychology -BF109. A1B56 LRC-R
  • Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary -WM13. C189C LRC-R
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Psychology -BF31.E553 LRC-R
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders -WM15 D536 LRC-R
  • Dictionary of Psychology -BF31. C64 LRC-R
  • Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and cognitive Behavior Therapy (3 vols.) - WM425.5. C6E56 LRC-R
  • The Encyclopedia of Elder Care -WT13 E56 LRC-R
  • The Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology and Psychoanalysis -WM13 E565 LRC-R
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology -BF31.G35 LRC-R
  • Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry -WM100.K173 LRC-R
  • Handbook of Psychiatric Measures -WM34 A512 LRC-R
  • Handbook of Psychological Assessment -BF176.G76 LRC-R
  • The Harvard Guide to Psychiatry -WM141 H339 LRC-R
  • Measures of Religiosity -BR110. M43 LRC-R
    Includes measures and scales in the psychology of religion such as the "Faith Maturity Scale" (pp. 171-) and "Spiritual Leadership Qualities Inventory" (p. 255).
  • Pictorial History of Psychology -BF81.P47 LRC-R
  • Practice guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders -WM400 A5131A LRC-R
  • Religion and American Adolescent Delinquency, Risk Behaviors and Constructive Social Activities -BL625.47.R478 LRC-R

Sample Ebooks