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On Writing Book Reviews

On Finding Book Reviews

The most efficient way to find book reviews is to do a phrase search in opens new windowEagleSearch for the title of the item being reviewed (by placing it in quotation marks), and then filtering the results by "Reviews." For reviews of scholarly books, try opens new windowAtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®), or for reviews of less technical materials try opens new windowChristian Periodical Index (CPI). In opens new windowAtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®), click the advanced search tab, key in the title and/or author, and select "book review" as the document type. In CPI, limit the search to reviews by keying in dt=review before keying in the title and/or author. You may also search for book reviews in most other opens new windowEBSCOhost databases. For book reviews available in open access religion periodicals, do a phrase search for the book title in Theological Journals Search.