To use the MakerBot Replicator Plus 3D printer, complete a 3D printer training session, then just check out the 3D printer USB thumb drive on Reserve at the Library Services Desk. You will need to calculate the filament prepayment amount and give it to the Library Services Desk worker, who will post it on your library account. Filament cost must be prepaid. Library staff are available to answer questions and help you operate and troubleshoot the 3D printer.

Step 1 - Get Set Up To Print

  1. Find a 3D model:
    If you do not have a 3D model to print, go to opens new and download a free model. Thingiverse provides primarily free user-created, open-source digital models. If the Thingiverse download is a zip file, extract the files. opens new windowLearn more.
  2. Open the MakerBot Print software and upload your 3D model file:
    opens new windowDownload the MakerBot Print software, a desktop application that allows you to prepare, manage, and monitor 3D prints.
    • Click Add Model.
    • Find and add (upload) the 3D model file(s) you downloaded from Thingiverse or other source.
    • Export your selected MAKERBOT file(s) for Replicator+.
    • Load the exported file onto a thumb drive.
    NOTE: Use your own thumb drive or the one available for 3D printing at the Library Service Desk.
  3. To use the 3D printer, go to the Library Service desk and check out the 3D printer reserve items that include a thumb drive you may use to download your 3D model file from your computer and a filament card to record and calculate your 3D object filament charge.

For detailed instructions, see "opens new windowMakerBot - How to Print an Object from" by White Clouds.

Step 2 - Get the Filament Cost

Plug the thumb drive into the 3D printer.

Use the on screen commands and turn-dial to navigate to your flash drive and choose your model. Press the turn-dial inward to select and begin.

Record the filament grams needed to create your model, multiply by $0.10, and then pay at the Library Service desk.

  • Payment may be made with Eagle Bucks or cash.
  • Prepayment for material filament is required.

Step 3 - Print

Clear any dust or filament debris from the film plate before printing. If blue painter's tape is not on the plate, you can request it at the Library Service Desk. The tape helps your print release from the plate easily after printing.

When the object is finished, allow it to cool then peel it gently off the plate. Turn OFF the 3D printer and go to the Library Service desk to check in the USB thumb drive.

If your print does not come out the way you intended – weigh and pay for material then throw away the filament you used. Try again.

Library MakerBot Replicator Plus How-to Videos:

Watch the complete video [YouTube, 7:43mins.]