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Additional Uncataloged HSRC Periodical Titles

The Holy Spirit Resource Center holds an estimated 1,200 periodical titles from the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement. Currently, 600 of these are cataloged in our library cataloging system, accessible at But there remain over 600 titles that have been documented but have not yet been cataloged. Therefore, this list serves as a finding aid for additional titles we have that are not in our system. The holdings information is limited at this point since full documentation has yet to be done. You can contact the HSRC ( for information about the exact holdings. Below is a PDF of the alphabetical list.

Finding Aids - Holy Spirit Vertical File

Vertical File Finding Aids

The HSRC has a vertical file of over 1700 files on various individuals, groups, and topics within the global Spirit-empowered movement. These files contain information collected over the past 50 years such as letters, artifacts, brochures, pamphlets, unpublished writings, photos, and other documents related to each person, group or topic. A master list of these files is currently under audit. Several of the individual files have been indexed and there are finding aids available. Some items also have been digitized and are available on the Digital Showcase.

Archival Collection Finding Aids

We also have a number of special archival collections that have been indexed in finding aids to help researchers.

  • "Evelyn Carvell Collection"-HS 2019-01-The personal papers and effects of Evelyn Carvell, Associate evangelist with Charles Price and editor of Golden Grain magazine after his death. Includes personal papers, books and full bound set of Golden Grain .
  • “Dr. Richard J. (M.D., Ph.D.) and Pastor Rose Owellen Collection” - HS2019-002 -A collection of archival materials from Reverend Dr. Richard J. Owellen (PhD, M.D.) and Pastor Rose Owellen, consulting physician for the Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation Healing Services. Collection includes personal correspondence from Kuhlman, Kathryn Kuhlman Sermon Notes Transcripts, photographs, audio cassettes Kathryn Kuhlman Radio programs, and Kuhlman personal artifacts. Includes correspondence from Margaret (Maggie) Hartman, office assistant to Ms. Kuhlman.
  • "Rev. A. G. Nelson Collection" -HS 2019-03 -Personal items from Rev. A. G. Nelson (1851-1943) and the Ridgway Covenant Church of Ridgeway, Pennsylvania. Nelson was a Swedish immigrants and was ordained by the American Home Missionary Society.
  • "Church of God of Apostolic Faith" - Contains primary source documents from the Church of God of Apostolic Faith, Ramona Oklahoma. COGAF was founded in 1914 by Edwin Buckles. This denomination has roots in Tulsa and its current headquarters is in Ramona, Oklahoma.  The HSRC houses a large number of primary sources from the files of E. A. Buckles and J. L. Sullivant, former Superintendents, in the 1980s.
  • Pentecostal World Fellowship Archival Collection - Contains materials related to the Pentecostal World Fellowship and Pentecostal World Conference. This includes published minutes, brochures, audio, video, and other materials. 
  • The Dan and Maire Beller Collection - a collection donated by Marie Beller, concerning her late husband, Dr Dan Beller, and Evangelical Temple, Tulsa. The collection contains letters, diplomas, church handbooks, photos, and written correspondence. 

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The HSRC has digitized thousands of items that are in public domain or that we have rights to make digital copies of. This includes audio, video, books, and publications from people and denominations in the Spirit-empowered movement around the world. Some of these are rare and not held by other Pentecostal archives and libraries. This collection contains digitized issues of some of these early or rare periodicals.

You can view the collection here:  (opens new window)

Some of the digitized periodicals include:

Full Gospel Business Men's Voice

The Pentecostal Holiness Faith (Oklahoma City)

The Good Report (Los Angeles)

The Apostolic Faith (Baxter Springs)

The Apostolic Faith Messenger (Tahlequah, OK)