How to Find a Newspaper Title - Journal Finder+

Use the Journal Finder to search for newspaper titles in all ORU's databases.

Enter the newspaper title in the text box and, as shown below, mark All Resources. (Please note: Journals Only does not search newspaper titles.) Click Search .

From the list of results, click a newspaper title and follow the links to the full text.

Selected Newspaper Titles in Databases

The library subscribes to several newspaper databases which include hundreds of newspaper titles. Several popular titles are listed below as examples. Click the links to go to the full text.

opens new windowChicago Tribune (1985-present)
opens new windowChronicle of Higher Education (1999-present)
opens new windowLos Angeles Times (1985-present)
opens new windowNew York Times (1980-present)
opens new windowNew York Times Book Review (1997-present)
opens new windowWall Street Journal, Eastern edition (1984-present); opens new windowWall Street Journal (Online) (2010-present)
opens new windowWashington Post (1987-present)

Selected Newspapers Titles & News Publications Open Access on the Web

The content of Web sites and ORU's newspaper databases varies. For example, ORU library databases include full text, while newspaper websites may have only limited access. Additionally, most newspaper sites include advertising.