Most databases have tools that create citations. Try the EBSCO tools below to copy/paste/edit citations, as needed to match your assignment requirements. Always check the citation references for accuracy with the print style manual and your professor's requirements.
See: opens new windowCiting Sources

APA Style 7th edition

American Psychological Association (APA) Manual format is used by the behavioral and social sciences, including business, education, nursing, psychology, and sociology. References (citations) generally contain author, year of publication, title and publication information. APA style documentation uses in-text parenthetical references with author date.


Digital Object Identifiers, or DOIs, are persistent links used in scientific and scholarly publishing to provide a permanent electronic address to avoid the problems of broken, outdated, or changed links. opens new windowThe DOI System provides a means for managing information in changing digital environments.

The EBSCO "Cite" Tool

In an EBSCO database, such as opens new windowAcademic Search Complete or opens new windowAPA PsycInfo, click the Cite link located in the Tools menu on the right sidebar. (The "Tools" menu is only available on the item record and does not show up on the results page.) Choose a format style then copy, paste, and edit the citation to match your course requirements.

EBSCO Citation tool opens new windowGo there.

EBSCO Folder and Citations

The EBSCO folder is a personal information management tool to save articles, save searches, create citations lists, and more. Create a folder, then sign in to your folder when you search any EBSCO database. Note: Items added to the default folder are NOT saved; you must be signed in to your Folder. Tutorial: opens new windowMy EBSCOhost Folder (3:15 mins.)

For a single citation access your EBSCO folder. Click a title to view the detailed record. Click the Cite button. Choose a format style then copy, paste, and edit the citation to match your course requirements.

For multiple citations:

  1. Access the your EBSCO folder.
    In the folder:
  2. Click checkboxes to mark items to be cited.
  3. Click the Print icon (in the right toolbar).
    In the Print Manager window:
  4. Uncheck HTML Full Text and Search History boxes, if showing and checked.
  5. Choose a Citation Format.
  6. Click Print (items are reformatted). Cancel the print, then copy/paste/edit citations according to your course and professor requirements.