Search Examples

Use a variety of database and search expressions to locate relevant resources. Most databases provide limiters or filters to refine results. The examples below include keyword and subject searches, along with a variety of search strategies. Keywords can be descriptive terms from your thesis statement.


TOPIC: Music in the Middle Ages...and before

TOPIC: Social and cultural influences of the medieval period

TOPIC: Explore background and articles of a composer in the Middle ages.

TOPIC: Explore Christian/biblical perspectives or worldview of music and art in the Medieval Period

Music Databases

Supplemental Databases - Music

Research your topic using EagleSearch discovery tool or search individual music databases listed below. Use the limiters to get a list of full text and peer reviewed articles.

Biography Databases

To find biographies of musicians or influential persons, search general and subject database with the person's name and other keywords like biography, history, influence, etc. Try a subject or index search for the person's name.